Understanding Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics: What, Who & How?

Social media analytics refers to the act of aggregating conversations between brands and people in the form of raw data. This data is then analysed to uncover patterns related to customer preference and sentiment. Such data is collected via crawlers that visit news websites, blogs, complaint forums and social sites at fixed intervals.

The reason for conducting social media analytics activities can be two fold – test current social media efforts and do course correction. Some companies with a considerably large reach need to constantly manage their online reputation. For such companies, analyzing social media activities is a part of their daily routine.

Who is Social Media Analytics useful for?

Ideally speaking, social media agencies or social media teams within large companies should be using social media analytics tools. Measuring the impact of every organisational function is imperative to the overall business objective. Social media analytics helps social media teams assess the effectiveness of their efforts. It gives an overview of their activities across all relevant social media channels.

Some of the many invaluable insights brands can get through analytics are –

  • During what time of the day are fans most active?
  • Who their influencers are?
  • Who their most engaged users are?
  • Which channel gives them the most engagement?
  • What type of posts do followers respond to most?
  • What is the geographic distribution of the brand’s audience?

Engagement figures such as engagement versus posts, engagement versus no. of fans, engagement compared to competing brand etc are crucial from a performance measurement perspective. Such information helps social media teams to build a solid social media strategy.

How to go about it?

Almost all the major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest have analytics modules that give a broad overview. But they are limited in their reach due to the fact that they do not track conversations beyond their environment. Not only that, the in-built analytics offered by these social sites display limited charts. A social media analytics tool which can track conversations happening across the web and social web is ideally suited for social media teams.

Konnect Social, our social media analytics tool is ideal for not only tracking conversations but also for taking real-time action. Brands that avail our tool start with creating topic keywords which they would like to track conversations around. They can also map their brand’s social profile for getting analytics reports. Our tool allows subscribers to create classifications for different conversations. For example, a chocolate brand that broadly sells dark, milk and white chocolate can classify conversations as such. These conversations can be further sub-divided into 75% cacao, 60% cacao, hazelnut and so on. They can also classify them as negative, neutral or positive. Such classifications help brands discover which variants of theirs have maximum or minimum complaints for. This helps brands understand what they are doing right and what areas need improvement.

Thanks to our tool’s Social CRM feature, social media teams can assign tasks to relevant members for resolving complaints and concerns. Analytics report pertaining to Social CRM can be accessed in real time. Also, it helps them better manage complaints. Social media staff can also engage with fans and complainants directly from the tool. Konnect Social is equipped with a publish feature through which they can schedule updates along with the associated image. Get in touch with us to schedule a demo.