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Created: 14 Aug 2013
Latest update: 14 Aug 2013
Author: Team Konnect Social
Email: sales@konnectsocial.com
Contact: +91-22-64550010

Thank you for your interest in Konnect Social. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file. Please feel free to get in touch or call us. You can also raise the ticket


To go to login screen please click on Log in button on the left navigation pane Please provide your user id and password to login into Konnect Social


Connect your social profiles

If this is your firstlogin in Konnect Social, it will ask you for permissions from your social profiles. This means you need to provide permission to Konnect Social to fetch information from various social media sites (eg, Facebook, Twitter).

Once you click on “Add an Account” it will take you to Facebook / Twitter and ask you to sign in there. Once this is done you will be redirected back to Konnect social

Connect your social profiles

By default giving permissions from Facebook and Twitter is mandatory and Google plus is optional.

If this is not your first login then this screen will NOT appear.

Setting up Topic Keywords

Topic keywords are search parameters about brand or company or services. Based on these search parameters Konnect Social pulls out relevant results from the web and social media.

This message will appear if you are setting up Topic Keywords for the first time.

Setting up Topic Keywords

Please click on ‘Next’ button

Setting up Topic Keywords
  • Create a sample topic with some user friendly name. Eg; if we are creating a topic for Citibank to search for conversations related to Citibank create a user friendly name “CitiBank”. Please note that this is just for naming purpose and the search does not happen with this keyword
  • Include Words that contains any of the following words: Eg; Citibank, Citi bank. This is the place where you add primary keys. Search happens on the keyword that you add here. Here in this case the search will happen for Citibank or Citi bank
  • Ensure content DOES NOT CONTAIN any of the following keywords: This is to ensure that the non-relevant conversations around the topic are excluded. For eg; for keyword topic Citibank we don’t want to track what people are talking about Credit cards. So we can add such keywords here. Eg; creditcard, credit card, creditcards, credit cards
  • Exclusions: Here you can remove websites that you don’t want to track or twitter handles or Facebook profiles that you want to exclude from the results.
  • Filter by Region: Here you can set specific countries for which you want results. We recommend not using this feature as there are chances that some relevant conversations can be missed out. During monitoring you can set this filter by selecting countries from the chart. More on this later.

Example of Topic Keywords:

Setting up Topic Keywords


Once the Topic Keywords (keywords) are set you are ready to start listening to conversations related to the keywords. Konnect Social will pull conversations from the web and Social media.


Click on Messages to get started.

While you read messages about the keywords that you set, you can do various activities which we call as SOCIAL CRM

  • Save conversation for future reference
  • Assign it to team members
  • Classify it to different heads like marketing team, crisis management team etc
  • Change the sentiment. KonnectSocial gives an automated sentiment analysis but you can change it as well.
  • You can reply to the conversation
  • You can also see the person who has written it, users details, klout score and what have they mentioned about our topic keyword before
  • You can also create notes and add more details about the user for future reference for your team.

There are many charts that are shown on the right hand side as you are going through the conversations. This you can see in the ‘web’ tab

  • View by media type – gives you a pie chart of conversations from forums, blogs, news etc
  • View by Region – gives you conversations from various countries
  • Sentiment chart – gives you negative and non-negative conversations
  • Word cloud – common keywords around the topic keyword. Click on any word and you can filter down your conversations
  • Top Websites – gives you top websites that are talking about your topic keyword.

Influencers Lists

You can create list of users and can see what they are talking about you. This is very useful when you want to create a list of say Journalists or news channels so that when they talk about you, you are updated real time

How to create a list

  • Go to the Lists tab
  • Create a list. Give some user friendly name. Let’s say News Channels
  • Influencers Lists
  • Now add Twitter handles that you want to add. Eg, all news channels
  • Influencers Lists
  • Click on Save. Now you are ready with the conversations from influencers in your industry.


Under Engage tab following features are offered:

  • Facebook Insights for pages where you are the admin
  • Twitter analytics for your Twitter handles
  • Web Analytics
  • Facebook Insights for competitors Facebook pages. Comparison of up to 8 Facebook pages per group
  • Twitter analytics for competitors Twitter handles. Comparison of up to 8 Facebook pages per group
  • Youtube analytics for competitors Youtube channels. Up to 8 channels per group
  • Foursquare comparison of places

Adding Facebook pages

Adding Facebook pages

Hover mouse over Facebook Insights and click on (+) Add Facebook Page.

This will take you to facebook.com where you need to sign with your Facebook credentials. Facebook will then allow us the permission to extract insights of the pages that you select. Please note: We do not fetch any personal information, only related to the page that you configure.

Once you allow the permissions you land up on the settings page.

Adding Facebook pages

After you select the pages click Submit. Konnect Social will take some time to provide you with the analytics as now it is in the process of fetching data.

Adding Twitter Accounts

Click on Engage tab once again to configure Twitter accounts

Adding Twitter Accounts

Follow similar steps as Facebook.

Adding Google Analytics Accounts

Click on Engage tab once again to configure Google Analytics accounts

Follow similar steps as Facebook.

Configuring Accounts for Comparison : Facebook Comparison

Facebook Comparison

Under Brand Comparison click on Facebook.

Then click on (+) Add Brand

Facebook Comparison

In the pop up please enter the url of Facebook page that you want to analyze (eg: http://www.facebook.com/Microsoft). You can add up to 8 pages in Facebook comparison

Konnect Social will take some time to fetch this data. This could be around 15 minutes to one hour for all the accounts. You can add profiles even when the data is being fetched. Reports will be displayed only after the data is fetched.

Configuring Accounts for Comparison : Twitter Comparison

Follow similar steps as Facebook. Here you need to add Twitter handles for comparison. Similar to Facebook you can add up to 8 profiles

Configuring Accounts for Comparison : Youtube Comparison

Provide youtube channel links in youtube comparison. Eg; http://www.youtube.com/user/Microsoft. You can add up to 8 Youtube channels.

Manageing Users

List of Reports